The vision of Niaz group is to serve the nation in engineering emerging and power fields. To be a growing global community regarded by its public and whose members are sought out for advice and counsel.



The mission of Niaz group is to serve our clients by providing the highest possible reliability through better design, construction, standard meticulous analysis and evaluation of engineering aspects of a development project on the advancing civilized world.

The engineers and specialists of relevant disciplines are ready to take any challenges regardless of it’s complexity and difficulty level.

We often collaborate with international consultants to carry out multidisciplinary services.



We work with dedication and passion. This strength comes from an encouragement and motivation policy which allows us to promote our employees' talent, making an even more competitive and dynamic company.

We are always working for improvement, searching for excellence and perfection. We work with quality and precision to assure the loyalty of our clients and to be recognized as a competent company.

About Niaz & Associates

Niaz Group was establishe­d in 1979 and existing under the Laws of the Country. The key personnel have been fortunate enough to devote themselves in designing multifarious types of Engineering Projects. In terms of manpower strength, apart from the members of the Board of Directors Niaz Group now having over 400 members of qualified Engineers & other professionals who are dedicated to and specialists in respective fields of Engineering disciplines.

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