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Mr. NiazUddin Ahmed had establishedhimself as a dynamic and pro-active entrepreneur who hadformedNiaz& Associates Ltd in 1979.Under his supervision Niaz& Associates Ltd was recognized as the largest infrastructure Industrial organization in Bangladesh. He helped to formulatethe Power Policy of BangladeshPrivate Sector. He had Completed his Graduation in Electrical and

Electronics Engineering from KansasUniversity, USA.He also hadcompletedmany trainings abroad includingone year (1968-69) Practical Training in Black & Veatch International Consulting engineers, Kansas City, M.O., U.S.A. The training was focused on the field of Design operating Aspects, Electrical, Fluid and Pneumatic System of Power Plant Electrical Equipment Testing, Calculation of performance and Head balance. Moreover  heparticipated in operation and maintenance of Power Plant at Blue Valley Power Station, City of Independence, Missoure, U.S.A.

During liberation war of Bangladesh the infrastructure of the Country ruined about 70%. Bangladesh was born as a new country in the world needs much development. To develop infrastructure there were no national owned Power Services professional firm to develop the country in all respect. At that time the international experts were engaged for the development but experts remuneration was very much high, so major parts of aids for development was going back from country. Under this situation we feel that we have to developed Power Services business in Bangladesh.






NiazUddin Ahmed



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Niaz Group was establishe­d in 1979 and existing under the Laws of the Country. The key personnel have been fortunate enough to devote themselves in designing multifarious types of Engineering Projects. In terms of manpower strength, apart from the members of the Board of Directors Niaz Group now having over 400 members of qualified Engineers & other professionals who are dedicated to and specialists in respective fields of Engineering disciplines.

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